Your World to Mobile Technology

Mobile Value Added Service

We offer premium Mobile Value Added Services for mobile subscribers which allow users access to useful and life changing information across all facets of lives on the go.

Business Solution

In today’s world of complex, cutting-edge technology, it’s difficult and cost prohibitive for any but the largest firms to build and maintain a network that is secure and stable. We offer expertise business solution in the IT sphere.

Mobile Data Service

Talk Digits Mobile offers bulk data services to subscribers. We offer cheap data bundles and can even resell since we are also a data bundle reselling business company in Nigeria

Talk Digits Mobile provides content and aggregator services in the VAS sector. Our strategic partnership key players globally give us access to an unlimited array of contents and applications for end-users.

Our Mobile VAS services and products are customized to meet customers’ requirements. We offer end to end value added service in partnership with major TELCO operators. We offer relevant, customized, content based service over SMS, USSD and WAP such as:

  • News Service: We provide latest news from around the world as events unfold, keeping subscribers abreast of latest news. We offer Sport news, Daily news, Breaking news, etc.
  • Entertainment and Lifestyle: The subscription to entertainment contents keeps growing especially with the introduction of smart phones. We are able to provide robust entertainment contents in movies, jokes, music, Ring Back Tone, Flight & Travel, Fashion Tips, Love Poems, Motivational Quotes, Religious Devotional, etc
  • Mobile Gaming: Mobile gaming has gained much traction. We have an array of interesting subscription based contents for game lovers.
  • SMS Based Results:This platform supports publishing any kind of exam results over SMS. Students can register and an automatic SMS will go to their handset when their exam results are published.
  • SMS Voting Platform:This platform is very popular for TV based SMS voting solutions. Our solution is very useful for different types of live competition programs such as music talent hunt shows and other SMS based voting competitions.
  • Content Management Platform: We provide content aggregation services that provide a platform for local and international content providers to provide a robust bouquet of contents for mobile TELCOs such as CRBT, Games, Wall papers, etc. Our platform allows operators to connect various content providers to their network in secure manner. This platform handles content provider’s SMPP/HTTP account.
  • Mobile Banking Solutions: We provide financial institutions unique mobile payment solutions such as SMS based solutions like account transfer, accounts activity notifications, bill payments, etc. All services are full encrypted and secure.
  • SMS Campaign Management: Political parties can avail themselves of our unique field canvassing and election campaign management system that enables them reach their target demography with unique messages to boost their followership.